giovedì 29 aprile 2010

INTERPOL  - Lights

Facilmente rintracciabile sul web la nuova canzone degli Interpol in free download. Ve la posto comunque se non volete scomodarvi. Buon ascolto.

On that I see
Show me your ways
Teach me to meet my desires
With some grace
On that I fear
Don´t turn away
And leave me to plead in this whole other place
What if I never break
Vistuary won´t you take me
Far away
Far away

On that I seek
Please police me
I want you to police me
But keep it clean

Now that you mean my place
Now let´s take them away
Strong as you've seen
Old as you be
(That's why I hold you)
You will always obey
(That's why I hold you near)

On that I feel
Cap it aways
Teach me to grieve and conspire
With my age
On that I can see
Go mystic spree
See thing routine
I could never navigate
Maybe I like to stray
No harm
It seems to be less so free
Not today
It´s like you want it that way
On that I see
Peaceful lifes run away from me
Run away from me

We like to take the signs
(That's why I hold you)
And bring silence in disguise
(That's why I hold you near)
We like to meet the barrier
That is on your own

That's why I hold you
That is why I hold you
That's why I hold you near

5 commenti:

Marco (Cannibal Kid) ha detto...

non ho ancora deciso se mi piace o no..

Resto In Ascolto ha detto...

canzone così così

ant ha detto...

per me ***** 5stars

ant ha detto...

anzi 4, il finale non mi piace

Giamp ha detto...

Welcome back my friend Ant.....
You miss me.....

Mi associo ad Ant